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Caracter Company China helping rebuild 3.000 stores

Caracter Company China helping rebuild 3.000 stores

Shanghai Miracle Brand Management Company is part of Shanghai Bailian (Brilliance) Group, licensee of Disney products and is expanding its franchised toy retailing network. Miracle was working with Shanghai Lianhua to open toy stores in Lianhua hypermarkets. However, the first store opened was not performing well and Lianhua was not happy. Miracle turned to Caracter Company for help to solve the issue. Here is the interview with Qi ZHU, the chairman of Miracle.

Why did Miracle choose Caracter Company to help with the project?

The hypermarket channel is new to us and we have no clue about the structure, layout or assortment of a toy store in a hypermarket. During our talks with Caracter, we found them knew everything about retailing and had their own opinions. We were impressed and convinced that they could help us with the issue.

What is your impression of Caracter Company during the project?

Throughout the project, Caracter Company was very professional and kept great communications with us. In addition, they know everything about retailing and more importantly, they have very pragmatic and practical solutions.

What has Caracter Company done to help you?

To make successful model store, Caracter Company did a thorough in-field shopper research and complete data analysis and made the right strategy and the plan based on the insights. They made a reasonable plan for our floor layout, shelf plan, assortment and instore communications.

More importantly, their plan was just not some theory on paper but pragmatic and actionable and we can implement it in the store quickly and effectively. In addition, Caracter Company also helped present the plan to the retailer Lianhua and get their approval.

How did this cooperation with Caracter Company help your relationship with the retailer Lianhua?

At first, Lianhua was not happy with the first store and called a stop to the plan for other stores. But Lianhua was impressed with Caracter’s plan and found it very professional. Lianhua believed it would improve the sales and restored confidence and gave the green light to other stores.

“Retail expertise, actionable plan, and professional services! Caracter did not spare a bit to help us.”

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