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Caracter develops & stimulates

responsible growth and returns in the collaboration between retailer and supplier.

Caracter is a one stop shop project organisation that operates as a community. With four specialised expert centres, we provide 360 ° facilitation and intensification – a single point of contact and securing of customer knowledge.

We increase sales per square metre, or online.

We achieve this by creating connections between retailer, supplier and supply chain.
It’s all about integral sustainable growth and returns.
For everyone and everything.

Since 2001, Caracter has enjoyed international success from their offices in the Netherlands and China.

Data & Analyse

Strategy & Approach

Concept development




House of Caracter

Our House of Caracter has four expertise centres, each with its own strengths, but complementing each other and joining forces when necessary. And so our data and strategy professionals work together under one roof with our creative people to find the best solution.


Caracter Fresh


Caracter Creations


Caracter Academy




Developing, connecting and coaching for sustainable growth and returns. Specialised in trade marketing, customer development, category management and shopper activation.



Developing, connecting and guiding for sustainable growth and returns in fresh produce. Specialised in the fresh produce chain, from fork to field, for retailer, supplier and chain. From fruit and vegetables, meat (processed or unprocessed) and flowers to bakery products.



Bringing about international and innovative co-creations. Facilitating and enriching solutions, processes and projects for our customers. This is how we bring growth and strategy to life through innovation.

Concepts, products and projects are given an identity or are brought to life.



Our knowledge centre and vibrant stronghold that provides a platform for colleagues and leaders to share their passion and knowledge.

Together we help retailers and suppliers to undergo healthy developments on a strategic, tactical and operational level.

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