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Caracter rebirth

from company to community.

Our wake-up moment

Standing still to move forward. We took a good hard look at ourselves and looked ‘outside in’ at how the market and our customers have further developed.

We made choices

What we are good at, what we want to be better at, what we already have and what we no longer want to do.

In the last few years, we have recognised a growing number of trends that affect both us and our clients:

  • Growing demand for responsibly produced products
  • Consumer movements, such as “Good for me… good for the planet”
  • Digitisation of the supply chain
  • Artificial intelligence in logistics
  • Blockchain

As a result, projects have become larger and more complex and require expansion of knowledge and experience.

The question we asked ourselves: how can we assist and enable our customers to take advantage of these disruptive changes and challenges in a positive way?

It was time for introspection.

The conclusion was:

“time to change tack.” Do what we are good at – connecting. And bringing about solutions that deliver results, with more fulfilment, with even more pride, by bringing good to the world. In this way, we want to bring solutions and people together more actively, so that everyone benefits.

The purpose that drives us!
Together we have a mission to make retail future proof from our purpose:
healthy growth based on responsibility for the planet, humans & animals.
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