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Together getting retail ready for the future

We are continuously exploring the future and pushing the boundaries – where making money and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

What we are good at

Our strength lies in making connections and the interaction between retailer and supplier. We discover the opportunities in responsible growth and returns and then translate this into an action plan. We don’t stop until the result is achieved.

Our solutions

How we achieve results.

Customer Relationship
  • 360 ° scan (internal and external)
  • Building and expanding trading relationships
  • Retail pitch
  • Annual interview preparation
  • Joint growth plan
  • Annual plan
  • Strategic partner program
Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Supply chain knowledge sessions
  • Supply chain partner program
  • Smart chains
  • Category vision
  • Range optimisation
  • Space management
  • Brand and price structuring
  • Promotional analysis
Channel & Market
  • Retail and market trends
  • Mapping the market
  • Growth and potential analysis
  • Channel strategy
Shopper & Consumer
  • Shopper / Consumer trends
  • Shopper activation
  • POS materials
  • Shopper and customer journey (CDT)
  • Monitoring shopper and consumer research
Product & Concept
  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Concept development
  • Packaging development
  • Consumer testing
  • Organisation of trade fairs
  • Portfolio management
Organisatie & tools
  • Future-proof scan
  • Training / Coaching
  • Secondment
  • Sounding board / sparring
  • Creative sessions
  • Design thinking
Data & Insights
  • Dashboards
  • Business Analysis
  • From data to insights
  • Business monitoring
  • Deep dive Nielsen / IRI / GfK
  • Ad hoc analysis questions
  • Analysis subscription: Flexibly deployable trade marketing assistance

Collaboration in the new reality

Actively maintain and deepen your relationships in the digital age

The way of working has changed drastically. And it will stay that way. The world we knew will never come back. So it’s time to act in the new cooperation. How do you continue to maintain your relationship with your retailer? How do you deepen the collaboration in your strategic partnerships? And how do you take steps in supply chain collaboration? Remaining intensively involved and connected with colleagues, customers and collaborating partners is key. Caracter offers 3 solutions to working together optimally as if you were actually in the same place. And our experience is that it sometimes works even better.

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